Wheel Blacks are in Korea readying for a fierce tournament beginning on the 6th of September - all the best to the team.
All games will be webcast live at www.tinyurl.com/watchwebcast.

Cameron Leslie 2019.jpeg

Name : Cameron Leslie

Nickname : Kamo

Based : Whangarei/Auckland

Age : 29

Class : 3.0

How long have you been involved with the Wheel Blacks?
I first made the Wheel Blacks back in 2010, debuting alongside Nafi Lefono in a Four Nations series in Australia. It has been a hell of a journey shared with a bunch of great people who have all contributed to the enjoyment and laughs along the way.  

What do you love about wheelchair rugby?
For me it is all about the shared journey. I also swim for New Zealand – have done since 2006 – and the team aspect of all chasing one goal is something I really enjoy. It's an awesome sport through which is really spectator friendly so it's also just a cool sport in general.

Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?
I'm similar to my 1.0 buddy and fellow Wheel Black Cody (aka Trenty) who just loves getting on court and taking on any team. I'm a big fan of playing Canada even though I haven't played them many times, mainly because they are a team that plays hard but fair and has each others' backs. I really respect teams and players who play hard but fair.

What’s your best memory with the Wheel Blacks?
That's a tough one because there are so many good times. I'm definitely a player who craves success, quality and winning so one game which jumps out to me was one against France in the 2016 Rio Paralympics qualification tournament. The crowd was so loud we couldn't hear each other on the court, we played one line up the whole game, and we pretty much gave up trying to talk and just went with our instincts and it was really good rugby. We ended up winning by 5 or so points, I just loved how we didn't need to talk but we clicked.  

Who is the funniest teammate?
Funniest teammate is a hard one because everyone has their moments.

If you could be another player for a week who would it be and why? 
I'd love to be Cody Everson for a week. I think he's real pretty.

Favourite movie?
Entourage, Love Actually or Old School.

Favourite song genre?
Definitely a reggae man myself. I'm not against many genres so if it has a good beat or good lyrics then I'm in.

Favourite food?
Japanese or Thai would be my go-to I think. I'm not afraid to get amongst a good crab stick either actually.

What is your pre game routine?
I don't really have a pre-game routine as such, I'm a fan of repetition in terms of preparation – especially if it gets you in the right head space and physical space. I think a theme for me though is staying relaxed and visualising tactics.

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