Robbie Hewitt 2019.jpeg

Name :  Rob Hewitt

Nickname :  Robo, Yob, Yobo - anything Rob related 

Based :     The Tron city of the future

Age :     34

Class :     2.0

How long have you been involved with the Wheel Blacks?
I have been involved with the Wheel Blacks since 2010 and made my international debut 2013 in South Africa.

What do you love about wheelchair rugby?
It’s great being involved in a team sport with like-minded individuals all striving to achieve the same goal. Traveling around the world getting amazing opportunities. Picking up life hacks to develop skills to improve my standard of living.

Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?
At the moment we have an amazing opportunity to qualify for the Paralympics, so I would have to say Korea right now as they are the team we have to beat to get to Tokyo 2020.

What’s your best memory with the Wheel Blacks?
Earlier on we had an amazing opportunity to play Auz and USA outside a custom made court in front of an amazing cathedral in Sydney. We played in the evening under lights. I’ve never heard of teams playing outside again.

Who is the funniest teammate?
Cameron Leslie, or at least he thinks he is.

If you could be another player for a week who would it be and why? 
Joe Delagrave, one of the best 2 pointers in the world.

Favourite movie?
Remember the Titans.

Favourite song genre?
Wagon Wheel.

Favourite food?
Nanna’s B and E pie, ask H and Lewi.

What is your pre game routine?
I’m always last to get ready and get a bit of flack for it. Like to chuck on some good tunes, talk a bit of rubbish and get in the zone.

The loudest Shout out for DG Sport, Lynn River, Waikato Rugby Union, Waihou Rugby and sports Club, COBRAS. The Hewitt Family, Nana and Poppa, local Te Aroha community, Brendon Mes, The New Zealand Rugby Foundation. 

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