IWRF Committee Appointments

IWRF has completed the process of reviewing applications for appointments to IWRF Standing Committees. I would like to thank all of those who put their names forward for these important roles. I also want to acknowledge the work of the outgoing committee members and thank them for their years of service.

This link takes you to the current membership of the IWRF Standing Committees as well as the IWRF Athletes Council.

Correspondence related to a specific committee’s work may be directed to the relevant committee Chair at the following email addresses:

  • Classification Committee              Greg Ungerer

  • Competitions Committee             Kathy Newman

  • Development Committee             Chérie Harris

  • Technical Committee                     Darren Roberts

  • Athletes Council                               Jens Sauerbier

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Chief Executive Officer, IWRF -



Opportunities in Wheelchair Rugby

Healthvision Festival of Disability Sports Awards

The organising committee for the HealthVision Festival of Disability Sport 2019 Awards are requesting nominations for the awards.

The criteria and key information for the awards:

  • Nominations are now open and close on Friday 1st March.

  • All nominees must be participating in the Festival under one of the five Festival Sporting Codes.

  • All nominations must be endorsed by the appropriate governing Festival Sporting Code Organisation (NZ Wheelchair Rugby National Committee)

  • There are 4 categories – sportswoman, sportsman, coach, emerging talent

  • There will be 1 supreme winner – this will be decided from the winners of the 4 categories.

  • Up to 3 finalists for each award category will receive a complimentary Awards Dinner ticket.

  • All nominees must complete the nomination form and submit it before the 1st March.

  • An athlete can only be nominated for their achievements in their Festival sporting code, if they have also done great things in other codes eg swimming, that information can be included as a side note which could be read out by the MC, however they will not be judged on those sporting achievements.

·The organising committee decided not to include team of the year, this category may be added in future years as the Festival develops. If an athlete has done amazing things as part of a team, then that’s great, they would be nominated under the sportsman or sportswomen category.

The Nomination form can be downloaded here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, contact the Event Manager, Claudia West on 022 430 1435 or email

NZ Wheelchair Rugby Development Opportunities

We sadly accept Bevin Jenkinsons resignation as Head Bench for NZ Wheelchair Rugby. Bevin has been doing a great job in this role for over three years. His reliability as Head Bench will be greatly missed but we wish Bevin all the best as he pursues his personal goals and assists with his wedding plans. Bevin will continue to support his local Waikato region and is planning to return at some stage in the future.

NZ Wheelchair Rugby has three roles to fill:

  • Head Referee - if you are interested in the Head Referee role, email for more information by 15th February 2019.

  • Head Bench - if you are interested in the Head Bench role, email for more information by 15th February 2019.

  • Ken Sowden Cup Referee - travel required to Melbourne 14-17 March. We are requesting interest from NZ referees graded as International Referee – Zone (has completed an advanced clinic and can officiate at international tournaments within their Zone).

    Please contact by 13th February to show your interest and availability to travel to Melbourne to Referee the Ken Sowden Cup games.

International Wheelchair Rugby Federation - Call for Applications.

IWRF Members - The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) is seeking qualified applicants for the role of Technical Delegate at sanctioned events from 2019 to 2022.

Please read Call for Applications for information on these roles and how to apply. The deadline for applications is February 21, 2019.

For more information, please contact Kathy Newman, Chair of the IWRF Competitions Committee, at

IWRF lastest news here -



The BASH, 30-31 March 2019

The BASH kicks off the beginning of NZ Wheelchair Rugbys season of tournaments. Bay of Plenty Wheelchair Rugby and Parafed are hosting the event at Trustpower Baypark Arena with the wheelchair rugby tournament integrating into the Healthvision Festival of Disability Sport.

Players of all skill levels and experience come together from across New Zealand to compete. Individual players are allocated to teams resulting in them playing alongside their usual opposition, and playing against their usual teammates, making for a tournament full of competitive fun. The games are fast, loud and look brutal but very rarely cause injuries on court.


The BASH is a great starter event for new or interested players, also great for new ref's wanting to gain knowledge and experience on the court or alongside court by volunteering on the bench. NZWR players and volunteers work hard on court, at events and in between they take on volunteer committee roles to keep the sport running and growing.

NZ Wheelchair Rugby's high performance team, The Wheel Blacks, arrive in the Bay of Plenty for team training on the 29th of March. This is following the Ken Sowden Cup event in Melbourne, playing against the World number one ranked team, Australian Steelers.

More event information can be found here. If you want to volunteer at this event, or are interested in developing as a Referee, please contact


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Wheel Blacks Coach Team 2019 - 2020

Grant Sharman, Nick Heyworth and Malcolm Humm were the interview panel meeting with Coaching Team Candidates on Wednesday the 16th of January. As a result of the interviews, we have four great people with coaching skills, knowledge of wheelchair rugby and understanding of development at high performance level. NZWR now has a Coaching Team to join the Wheel Blacks Programme.

The Coaching Team, Neil Cudby, Greg Mitchell, Jon Renes and Matthew Dunstan, will be profiled for our wheelchair rugby community to get to know each individual, their history and goals for the Wheel Blacks and NZ Wheelchair Rugby.

The Coaching Team is working with the Wheel Blacks Programme and players toward their first international event of the Campaign, The Ken Sowden Cup, being hosted in Melbourne, 14-17 March 2019.

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Wheel Blacks Begin Season 2019

Wheel Blacks kicked off the 2019 season last weekend with a productive training camp and set the scene for the exciting year ahead. Was great to see twelve players in attendance, as well as our amazing support staff.


As part of the camp the team had the privilege of hearing about an individual athlete perspective – Dame Valerie Adams (Olympic Gold Medallists) and a team athlete perspective – Matt Duffie (Auckland Blues). Both athletes shared tips and tools about their personal sporting journey’s.



Wheel Blacks Coaching Team Recruitment

NZ Wheelchair Rugby is seeking applications from individuals wanting to become part of the Wheel Blacks Coaching Team, including a Performance Analyst.

The Coaching Team of people will plan and organise the high performance wheelchair rugby programme, and athletes to achieve success in the campaign toward qualifying and competing in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

The appointments are honorary and will be for the term effective from January 2019 to completion of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Pending a successful review at the conclusion of the 2020 Paralympics, individuals within the coaching team may be offered a further extension, by mutual agreement between themselves and NZ Wheelchair Rugby, through to the 2022 IWRF World Championship.

For a Wheel Blacks Coaching Team Job Description, email with ‘Coaching Team’ in the subject line.

Email your application and supporting documentation to with ‘Coaching Team Application’ in the subject line.

Applications close Midday, Sunday the 23rd of December 2018.