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As a Charity, we depend on support by way of sponsorship, funding, donations, fundraising and membership in order to fund key areas of our work. This includes ongoing support for our high performance team, the Wheel Blacks; an ongoing development pathway supporting from grassroots to high performance level for players, officials and for the growing national league.

You can donate directly via internet banking transfer to New Zealand Wheelchair Rugby.

 ANZ Bank account 01-0315-0375683-01

New Zealand donations over $5.00 are tax deductable. If you wish to receive a tax receipt please click on the box below to enter details.



New Zealand Wheelchair Rugby, their committee and affiliated sport organisations thank you for your generous contribution in supporting our wheelchair rugby community.

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If you can't donate money, then donating time to a local team or as an official is a great way to help. To get involved as a volunteer, fill in your details below.

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Wheelchair Rugby is a full-blooded, contact sport developed initially for tetraplegics - those whose disabilities affect both their lower and upper limbs, and offers male and female players significant rehabilitation, health, and social benefits, as well as gaining athletic achievement at both national and world class sporting levels.

To get involved and play with a team near you, fill in your details below.

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100% of the profit goes to New Zealand Wheelchair Rugby.

This is the inspiration behind the design, from designer Paul Fallon: 

The design is made up of a mixture of traditional designs using Maori, English, Celtic and Polynesian based patterns depicting the ancestry and multicultural population of New Zealand Wheelchair Rugby.

  • The 'HEI TIKI' is commonly referred to as a good luck charm, The wearers strength is their character, it represents clear thinking, perception, loyalty and knowledge. The figures are made of 'KORU' which depicts new life, growth and rebirth and are also made up of 'MANGOPACE' which symbolizes natural abundance, strength and determination.
  • The Polynesian 'NIKONIKO' and 'KOUHAIWHAI' represents combining many elements in a symphony of meaning, strength, travel and unity.
  • The Celtic knot work is the 'ETERNITY KNOT' with no beginning or end, this image depicts the endurance of the tradition and heritage.
  • The overall shield-like shape is traditional of a coat of arms or crest depicting family, strength, recognition and pride.


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